Greetings, Image Lovers! My name is Marianna di Lorenzo and I am a longtime resident of Spokane, Washington, and the art that I create is highly visual and meant to be very interactive. When viewing my art, whether on-line or at a physical location, I’m actually inviting you, the viewer, to participate in a “psychological art party”! In almost every image, I have purposefully arranged the figures and compositions to be perceived more like a glance into the first chapter of a good story waiting to be told, setting up a platform for you to spring off of, so that you may indulge your own perceptions about what you think has happened, or is going to happen to the character/s. With that understood, the idea is for you to continue with developing the story out, or even take it a step further challenging yourself, by creating additional plots, or subplots that arrive at an ending, or not. Perhaps the story goes on! I hope you enjoy my art and you find many stories to tell, helping you to turn on your brain, enrich your senses, and engage you in the art that s before you! The best to you, Marianna di Lorenzo
The Artist Marianna di Lorenzo

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